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Our notification list is a list of email addresses of those who wish to be contacted via email when we have puppies available. We will not take phone numbers as it is too time-consuming to call as we can have 50 or more email addresses on the list. We will not take deposits on unborn puppies.  We will note on the list if you are looking for a particular type of puppy: male/female, smooth coat/long coat, a particular color.  
Here is how it works, after a litter is born, we will normally wait 2-3 weeks before we make a decision as to which puppies will be available from a litter.  This is the point that we will start taking deposits on our puppies. This allows us time to make sure all the puppies are healthy and to determine if they are going to be long or smooth coats. Sometimes we will wait longer, especially in a litter of puppies with breeding/show potential.  Once we have made that decision, we will send an email to those on the waiting list before we post them for sale on our website, AKC Marketplace or  From here, it is first come, first serve.  Whoever fills out the Puppy Adoption Application about a particular puppy is first on the list to have the opportunity to put a deposit on that puppy, unless they already have the an application on file. If you already have an application on file, you would just need to email us with your interest in that particular puppy.  We normally give the first person in line 24 hours to make arrangements for the deposit. We don't mind emailing more photos or even doing a video or video chat of the puppy during those 24 hours but the arrangements for the deposits need to be made within the 24 hours of the email from us saying we have received your puppy adoption application and you are first on the list for that puppy.  If the arrangements have NOT been made within the 24 hours, then we will move on to the person who emailed us second about that puppy.  We have had too many people say they want a puppy and then we never hear from them again.  Then we have lost opportunities to find that puppy a home because we have told others who may contact us that the puppy had been sold. 
We want to be fair to everyone on the list and we feel this is a fair way to do it. 
If you have any other questions about our notification list, please contact us. 

Page last updated on 3/22/24

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