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Shipping Information




Currently, the main shipping/delivery option we have available is using a flight pet nanny service.


 * *What is a flight pet nanny service?  This is a pet nanny who will pick up the puppy at our local airport (Tulsa, OK) and they will carry-on the puppy and fly them in cabin to your nearest airport. Then you will pick up the puppy from them at your local airport.  The cost is normally $600 into most major airports in the US if our regular flight pet nanny service has availability. This is paid directly to the pet nanny by you when you pickup the puppy.  If our regular flight pet nanny does not have availability, we can get some quotes from some other flight pet nanny services we have worked with in the past, and their cost would be $600 and up (depending on the quotes from the Flight Pet Nanny services for your particular airport and if the Pet Nanny will fly standby vs confirmed flights (confirmed flights will be more).   

     The balance of the purchase price of the dog will need to be paid in full at least 3 days before the delivery date with the flight pet nanny.  


We do also offer cargo shipping via American Airlines to a limited number of airports: LGA (New York, NY), LAX (Los Angeles, CA), DCA (Washington DC), CLT (Charlotte, NC), ORD (Chicago, IL), DFW (Dallas, TX), and PHX (Phoenix, AZ).  These airports have one non-stop flight per day from our local airport and this is the flight your puppy wold be on. The cost using this option would be $450.  The balance of the purchase price of the dog plus the $450 shipping cost will need to be paid in full at least 5 days before the shipping date.


*We are always willing to meet you within an hour of Muskogee, OK for no additional charge.  If you are wanting us to meet you with the puppy beyond those points, we may occasionally be able to deliver further away- email us for a cost. *

Another option is for you to book a round trip and fly into our local airport (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and we are willing to meet you there with the puppy. Then you can take your puppy as your carry-on for the return flight.  Just check with the airline you decide to fly to make sure they allow it and if they have an extra charge for this. We have done this a few times so we can answer any questions you have as far as what kind of carrier you should bring, etc. 

***A note about ground transport- We have had some ask about a ground transport shipping option for our puppies.  As far as ground transport, we will not use it for puppies.  There is just too much risk of disease transmission in group ground transports for a number of reasons.   We feel it is just too risky for a puppy that is not over 16 weeks with their full three sets of puppy shots to be exposed to unknown other dogs in such close quarters.  We have no control over how that puppy is handled as far as the transporter taking the proper safety precautions between handling dogs. We have no control over the health status of other dogs that might be on the same transport.   Our veterinarian has been telling us that they are seeing parvo cases in puppies that were transported via ground transport that has been definitely traced back to the transport and that concerns us.  With the current cases of parvo in Michigan that are occurring even in vaccinated dogs, it concerns us even more. Not only do we worry about the health of the puppy but we are concerned as far as the liability as what would happen with a puppy that does get parvo or something similar during transport.  We stand behind the health of our puppies but if one of our puppies was exposed to disease while enroute, we would be responsible for something out of our control.  We know everyone has their own comfort level as far as risk and that is ok but this is what we are comfortable with.   We also have concerns with the time frames with ground transporters- 2 or 3 days transport time for a younger puppy can increase the risk of a hypoglycemic episode especially if the transporter is not diligent about making sure that puppy is eating.   The trip to a new home is stressful no matter how it is done and the shorter time it takes, the better it is for the puppy. The shipping option we offer will have the puppy to its new owner normally within 8 hours or less.

We realize life has risks but we feel like we owe it to our puppies and their new owners to do what we can to minimize the risks from the transport process.    

Page last updated on 3/17/24

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