Shipping Information




              There are two options for shipping.

With either option- shipping will have to be done on a weekend due to work schedules. 

 *The first way is using airline cargo shippingCurrently, this option can ONLY be used if the daytime temperatures are below 85 degrees or above 20 degrees AND the only airline that is currently doing this is American Airlines. 

 This is normally the most cost effective option.  We have done this many times without any issues so we are comfortable using this method as long as the puppy isn't too small and hasn't had any issues with blood sugar when they were weaned. We attempt to find the most direct flights with the shortest layover. Currently, the total costs for this option of shipping is $450.

     This total cost includes what the airline charges for the flight, and other things required by the airlines such as a health certificate from our vet, the crate, and crate accessories (such as food/water cups, metal screws/bolts, and various live animal stickers).  We also charge a small amount for our gas money to the airport and back which is an hour and 45 minute trip one way. 

 *The second option for shipping is using a flight pet nanny service.  This is a pet nanny who will pick up the puppy at our local airport (Tulsa, OK) and they will carry-on the puppy and fly them in cabin to your nearest airport. Then you will pick up the puppy from them. This is the least stressful option however, the costs are normally $850 on up (depending on the quotes from the Flight Pet Nanny services) as we will use confirmed flights only. The puppy will still need a health certificate from the vet and a Sherpa-type travel crate so those costs will be included with the pet nanny quote for the total cost. We will get quotes from some of the flight pet nanny services we have used and then we will give the customer the information to contact the flight pet nanny service and they will make all the arrangements for payment to the pet nanny service for the shipping. The customer will pay the pet nanny directly (normally a deposit to hold the flight and then the final payment when the puppy is delivered). Our expenses are $100 (for the health certificate, new Sherpa pet carrier and transport to the airport) and that is the only portion of the shipping that will need to be paid to us- the remainder of the shipping costs will be paid to the pet nanny service.  This shipping fee is due when the balance of the purchase price is paid.

    All shipping charges and the balance of the purchase price of the dog will need to be paid in full at least 5 days before the mutually agreed on date of shipping if shipping cargo and 3 days before if shipping pet nanny. If you have any other questions about shipping, please let us know. 

Occasionally, we are able to deliver the puppy to you in person if it is 7 hours or less away. The costs for this will vary according to location but is normally around $500. 


Another option is for you to book a round trip and fly into our local airport (Tulsa, Oklahoma) and we are willing to meet you there on a weekend day. Then you can take your puppy as your carry-on for the return flight.  Just check with the airline you decide to fly to make sure they allow it and if they have an extra charge for this. We have done this a few times so we can answer any questions you have as far as what kind of crate you should bring, etc. 

Page last updated on 11/19/21