We are located SW of Muskogee, Oklahoma out in the country.  We live near a local landmark, Chimney Mountain, and live on Chimney Mountain Road so that is how we decided on the name of Chimney Mountain Chihuahuas. 
David and I started breeding AKC Chihuahuas back in the 1990’s as D & T’s Paw Paw Patch; we bred Chihuahuas until 2004.  However, in late 2002 our first child was born and it was then we decided to take a break from raising Chihuahuas to concentrate on raising children, realizing that Chihuahuas and small children are normally not a good mixture. However, about a three years ago, our now 16 year old daughter expressed interest in raising dogs, Chihuahuas in particular.  She had been breeding and showing rabbits in 4H since she was 9 and wanted to take those same skills she developed in raising/showing rabbits to learn to raise quality purebred dogs. So several years ago, she obtained her first pair of Chihuahuas as puppies and they joined us as members of our family.  They are the founding sire and dam of Chimney Mountain Chihuahuas.  My husband and I are supervising/assisting my daughter in this endeavor. Her younger brother also is a part of this endeavor- he is our photographer and groomer and he also helps with the daily care.

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